For improvement of wrinkles in the upper and lower face. The most popular areas to treat are the forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet


For plumping and restoring youthful volume. The most popular areas are lips, nose, cheeks, forehead, and jawline

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Harmony’s signature fat dissolving formula with absolutely no PPC or steroids

Muscle Slimming Injections

For a sharper V-line, slender shoulders, and smooth calves

 Slim V Injections

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Synergy in lifting technology:



and Morpheus8

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 MiniFx / BodyFx

Innovative new vacuum radiofrequency treatment for effective fat melting. Especially great for double chins and pockets of fat on the body



Harmony uses Doctor-only settings on this exclusive RF microneedling device to give you powerful results


 INMODE Forma V Women's Health

Internal and external vaginal tightening to improve lifestyle and intimate health

 Morpheus8/Prime /T-tip

The famous Korean technique for both lift and long-lasting collagen and elastin production

Long Lashes

Plexr Soft Surgery

Scarless plasma scalpel for eye lift and full face fibroblasting, as well as mole and skin tag removals

Thread Lifting (Full Face, Nose)

Boosting the upper layers of the skin for glassy smooth and dewy shine


 IV Vitamin, Hangover Drips

For skin brightening and boosting your body’s cellular regeneration

Chanel Skinbooster, i-PRF, Dermotoxin

Studio Photography of a Model

Harmony’s signature weekly program for skin and hair health

Natural Serum

Doctor-only prescriptions

for science-based beauty

Acne Care, Hair Restoration