harmony treatments

For improvement of wrinkles in the upper and lower face. The most popular areas to treat are the forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet


For plumping and restoring youthful volume. The most popular areas are lips, nose, cheeks, forehead, and jawline

Anti-Wrinkle Injections


Morpheus 8 is an internationally renowned fractional RF microneedling system for improving skin texture, fine lines, acne scars, large pores, and tightening up loose skin.

Harmony offers the full range of Morpheus 8 tips - Face, Prime, Resurfacing, and Body.



Forma V

Women's Health

Internal and external vaginal tightening to improve lifestyle and intimate health without surgical intervention.


Morpheus 8

Lower Face & Jawline

Before you jump into surgery, you should experience what InMode FaceTite and Accutite can do for your skin.


These treatments are designed to tighten up loose skin and firm up problem areas to make you look younger and fresher.

Long Lashes

Plexr Soft Surgery

Droopy eyelids can be lifted with our plasma pen blepharoplasty.

A full face fibroblasting treatment can resurface deep permanent wrinkles and uncover newer, firmer skin underneath with only a short recovery time.


FaceTite and AccuTite

Young Blond Model

Lower Face Shaping

We use a variety of techniques to contour and slim the jawline and lower face.

InMode Morpheus8 

InMode MiniFx

NewThera HIFU

Korean Fat Cut Injections

Muscle Slimming Injections

Thread lifting

Botox Injections

Anti-Wrinkle & Muscle Slimming

We use a high quality toxin from Germany that relaxes wrinkles like "worry lines" in your forehead, "frown lines" between your eyebrows, and "crow's feet" around your eyes.


We also specialise in "body botox" which contours your silhouette by reducing muscle size.

Lower Body

We use a holistic approach to weight loss to get you to the size you want and restore your confidence. 

Get 4 sessions of InMode BodyFx with a prescription appetite lowering medication on our full program.

PicoSure_Beauty_shad_med_HR-1 (1).png

Skin Brightening

We use pigmentation and tattoo removal lasers as well as prescription medications to lighten blotchy skin pigmentation due to freckles, melasma, age spots, sun spots, and acne scars.


Our most popular combination is the PicoSure Focus toning & Morpheus 8 to brighten & lift.

Weight Loss Program

Confident Woman

We use high-quality hyaluronic acid fillers from Germany, engineered to be safe and long-lasting. 

We rely on your beauty wishes for a natural or voluminous look for your lips, nose, cheeks, undereye, and more.

Two Girls Hugging


Directly inject hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, and peptides into the dermis for dewy glowing skin with FillMed's NCTF135 HA Boost.


For wound healing & regenerating damaged skin, the advanced "vampire facial" called i-PRF ("injectable platelet-rich fibrin") improves circulation & cell turnover.

Last but not least - maintain glassy smooth skin and tight pores with a K-beauty secret called Dermotoxin - perfect before special occasions!

Dermal Filler


Our doctor can prescribe creams, tablets, and anti-inflammatory injections. 

If you're looking for long term oil  reduction and to reverse acne scarring, we recommend soft peel facials, Photodynamic Therapy, and  Morpheus 8 resurfacing.

Hair Treatment

Hair Restoration

We can consult you on the best combination of treatments to slow hair loss and help regrowth.

You may prefer a foam, daily tablets, or a series of i-PRF "injectable platelet-rich fibrin" injections that use growth factors from your own blood to improve circulation to regrow and strengthen hair.


Acne Care

Back Massage

Migraines &


Ask us if we can help improve your chronic headaches, shoulder pain, or muscle spasms with a simple injection that lasts upto 6 months.

We also offer anti-sweating injections for underarms, hands, and feet, as well as salivary gland reduction.


 IV Drips

Go for a wellness boost with our special formulations that can be personalised for your needs.


Our most popular drips are:

Firming & Brightening (vit C megadose & glutathione) 

Revive Skin Immunity (vit D, zinc, and vit B complex)

Restore & Calm (electrolytes, magnesium, zinc)


Skincare Consultation

Come for a free consultation to see if we can identify irritants and allergens in your skincare products that are disrupting your skin barrier and causing sensitivity and breakouts. 

We also stock award-winning Korean medi-beauty brand Aestura and offer great deals on the AtoBarrier 365 series and Theracne 365 series.

Champaign Bottle and Glasses

VIP Membership

Memberships are great if you want to try out a range of treatments and get invited to exclusive VIP events.

Prepay $5000 --> spend $6000 in clinic

Prepay $10,000 --> spend $12,000 in clinic + get skincare gifts

Valid for 24 months